Last week, the London Poker น้ำเต้าปูปลา Room arranged in The Casino at The Empire played host to a progression of effective winning hands as players got a record-breaking payout from the incredible Bad Beat Jackpot.

On Tuesday 17 June, first prize victor, Mr Shay Benaim, scooped £28,861.50 of the pined for £57,723 Bad Beat Jackpot. Second put on the night was Mr Jing Cao who gathered £14,430.75, while the four different players won an equivalent portion of the excess big stake.

After Tuesday’s victory, the Bad Beat Jackpot was re-cultivated at £10,000 and won again on Thursday 19 June 2014. Mr Ruben Carrasco asserted a £5000 triumph followed by Mr Anesh Patel, who brought home £2500. The six different players got an equivalent portion of £416.66 each.

The Bad Beat Jackpot keeps on demonstrating to players that they don’t need to be a poker shark to win a liberal monetary reward, simply an awesomehand that gets a Bad Beat! Since the send off in 2010, The Empire Poker Room has supported players with over a £1 million payout in the Bad Beat Jackpot.

Stephen Osborne, Marketing Manager said: “We are energized our Bad Beat Jackpot has given poker players a chain of payouts in two days. We will keep on keeping up with the best contribution for our clients so they pick The Empire Poker Room as a cardroom objective of decision in London.”

The bonanza is won assuming your losing hand is four twos or better at standoff in any vendor managed Texas Hold’em cash game. Both the awful beat victor and the champ of the hand should utilize both their opening cards. The terrible beat victor (washout of the hand) wins half of the bonanza, the champ of the hand wins 25% of the big stake, with the excess 25% shared by the other players on the table.

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