Olympus Thunder is a popular online slot game.

Review of the Online Slot Game Olympus Thunder

Because the stories about the Greek Gods and Goddesses have been handed down from one generation to the next, everyone, regardless of age, is likely familiar with the story of Zeus, the allfather. Since Zeus is the deity of the skies, thunder, and the sky, it only seems sense that lightning would serve as his personal emblem. Zeus is notorious for his infidelity and his fondness for nymphs as well as other women, despite the fact that he is married to Hera, who is the Goddess of the family, marriage, and women. Even if we attempted to tell you all there is to know about Zeus, we wouldn’t be able to, so we’ll just end there. During your time spent playing NextGen’s Olympus Thunder, you’ll get a sense of his immense might. Because the creator of the game did a good job of presenting his narrative, you can be certain that the time you spend gambling will be action-packed and exciting.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Olympus Thunder

Because it can be accessed on any device, you can play the Olympus Thunder slot machine regardless of where you are or what you are doing. For the month of July, all you need is a desktop computer or a mobile device with an operating system based on either iOS or Android, and you’ll be ready to go. In order for the game to function exactly as its developers intended it to, you will also need a reliable internet connection. You have nothing else but that to be concerned about, so you can rest easy. Simply launch your preferred web browser and put the game’s name into the search bar. Due to the fact that it was created in the HTML5 format, it is optimized for any kind of play, regardless of the device.

When you start playing on the Olympus Thunder slot machine, you will get the impression that you are in paradise. You will see the backdrop, which will show you the sky and the clouds, and you will notice that the reels will show you the temple that sits atop the never-ending mountain that is Olympus. You may access the settings menu by clicking the button that is located on the top right of the reels. When you open it, a window that allows you to configure your bet will appear. You will see two sliders, one of which will display the 20 fixed lines, while the other will display the coin values. You will see that the slider ranges from 0.01 to 5 coins, which, when multiplied by the game’s 20 fixed paylines, results in a minimum wager of 0.20 credits and a maximum bet of 100 credits.

After that, you will see a button labeled “i.” Because here is where you may see the symbols, the bonus information, and the payments that they offer, the paytable is called “this section.” Naturally, the first sign you will see is the wild, which depicts Zeus with his divine gaze and his ripped form. This will be the first symbol that you see. The highest-paying symbol is the wild, which will award you 10,000 coins for a combination of five of a type. The second symbol you will encounter is his lightning, which acts as a scatter and appears only on the middle reels. This symbol is the only one that appears on the middle reels. The second best-paying sign is the nymph, which awards 600 coins, followed by Pan, who is the god of the wilderness, the animals, and the shepherds. Pan awards 750 coins. The harp is worth 500 coins, whereas the pot in the manner of ancient Greece is worth just 400. The lowest-paying symbols are those that resemble playing cards and are decorated with Greek-inspired features. The ones that go from A to Q provide you with 200 coins, while the ones that go from J to 9 award you with 100 coins.

Directly after the I button, you will notice the autospin button, which allows you to play 0 to 100 autospins, and the speaker, which allows you to change the sounds of the game by turning them on or off. Both of these buttons can be found immediately after the I button.

Features and Free Spins Can Be Found in Olympus Thunder

Wild Zeus is not only the symbol with the biggest payout but also the symbol that may replace any other symbol on the reels with the exception of the bonus symbol that appears in scattered positions.

You are awarded three free respins with the wild enlarged on the third reel if the wild symbol lands on the third reel. This is the Zeus respins function, which will offer you enormous benefits if you play it correctly.

As was previously said, the lightning sign serves as the bonus symbol, and its purpose is to facilitate the activation of the Olympus bonus game. If you see it land on any of the reels in the center position, you should know that the bonus game has been activated and proceed accordingly. At this point, coins will appear on the screen, and you will need to find a match for them in order to get all three of the same rewards. In this game, the awards are determined by the amount of free spins and multipliers you get during the bonus round. There are five distinct rewards available, with the fifth and final award being the most desirable. The first four kinds of free spins each come with a multiplier of two times, and the number of free spins you get depends on which coins you matched. You may earn five, seven, ten, or fifteen free spins with that multiplier added to your winnings, depending on how many coins you matched. If you are fortunate enough to acquire the final one, you will have your winnings multiplied by three during the twenty free spins that you are awarded.

Furthermore, while you are playing the free spins, the Zeus respins feature has a chance to become active, and the Olympus bonus has a chance to be retriggered with the exact same multiplier and amount of free spins that you first received!

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